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NJC.©-2022- World Water Day Judges Choice: Creative Communication - Portable Desal. Unit For Hydration

J-WAFS is pleased to announce the Creative Communication Judges Choice Award Winner in our 2021 World Water Day Video Competition: ICPWaterTech: Portable Desalination Unit, submitted by Junghyo Yoon, a Post-doctoral Researcher in the Research Laboratory of Electronics.

About the Research:
A briefcase-style portable seawater desalination unit using the ICP technology is introduced. It is a newly developed technology that can remove both total dissolved solids and total suspended solids using electrical power. It requires 15~20 Wh/L to produce drinking water assisted by a battery chargeable by a solar panel.

Visit our website to learn more about the competition and to see the full list of winning videos: "

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