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All-New 2022 Mercedes Benz e-Sprinter e-Van - Overview

Two concept vehicles based on the next generation eSprinter show the bodybuilder and conversion solutions which might be possible in the future: the eGrocery concept for transporting foodstuffs and the CEP delivery concept for applications involving courier, express and parcel services.

-Tailor-made solutions: Mercedes-Benz eVans are reliable vehicle basis for bodybuilders
-Lived electromobility: customers can already choose from four locally emission-free vans
-Electrification of the entire portfolio: from 2022 electrified variants available in all van segments
-Lead in Electric Drive: Mercedes-Benz underscores leadership aspiration in electromobility with a look ahead to the next generation eSprinter
-Next generation eSprinter: successive production start from 2nd half of 2023, range will be more than doubled depending on configuration, load capacity will rise of up to 50 percent

eVans from Mercedes-Benz are a reliable and flexible basis for sector-specific solutions for specialised body manufacturers. The eVito equipped for transporting refrigerated goods, the eVito Tourer converted for transporting people with restricted mobility, the eSprinter Pharma and the eSprinter patient transport ambulance demonstrate the broad spectrum of different bodies and conversion with locally emission-free vans from Mercedes-Benz that is already possible.

The requirements regarding bodies and fittings are as diverse as the sectors in which they are used. The biggest challenges are to be found mainly in the power supply for refrigerating the cargo and in caring for patients as well as the weight of the bodies and conversions when it comes to payload and permissible gross mass.

Source: Mercedes Benz


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