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NJC.©-2022-European Truck Racing Championship - Misano 2022 Highlights - Crashes, Powerslides, Smoke & More!

The European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) is back in Misano with the first weekend of racing for the 2022 season. Truck racing is a world apart when we speak about motorsport. Weighing around 5,500 kg, these vehicles are powered by 13-litres single huge turbo engines. The power is monstrous; we are talking about something ​​between 1,200hp and 1,500hp and a massive 5,500Nm of torque! Yes, you read that correctly! This allows trucks to accelerate from 30 Km/h to 160 km/h in less than six seconds. You can well imagine the show staged by about twenty "monsters" when they are side by side. Each round always gives a lot of fun; crashes, rear-end collisions, powerslides and run-offs are frequent. The video you see refers to Saturday, May 21; I collected the material produced during the test laps, the Super Pole, the qualifications and finally, the two races won respectively by Norbert Kiss and Antonio Albacete both on MAN. Enjoy! "

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