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NJC.© Huckleberry Road NB-363 Time Lapse

On the weekend of October 15th, 2022, H&K’s Structures Division successfully completed an Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) project for the PA Turnpike Commission in Lehigh County. The project involved the replacement of NB-363 over Huckleberry Road (T-559) at Milepost A-59.20, which is located approximately two (2) miles north of the Lehigh Valley Interchange. The existing structure was a 3-span, rolled steel multi-beam bridge and was replaced with a single-span, plate girder structure. New substructure units were constructed under the existing superstructure and the new superstructure was constructed on temporary falsework on the east side of the existing structure. This technique eliminated the need for many traffic restrictions normally associated with this type of bridge replacement.

Work on the project commenced on March 8, 2022. 5,598 SF of soil nail and shotcrete was used to support the needed structure excavation. The footings for the new structure were supported by 12,605 LF of micropiles. 921 CY of concrete was used for the new structure. 822 CY of flowable fill was used to backfill the new abutments.

In order to facilitate the installation of the new superstructure, I-476 between Lehigh Valley (Exit 56) and Mahoning Valley (Exit 74) had to be detoured for a maximum of 55 hours, with significant penalties for excess time. The work was required to be completed between the timeframe of 9PM Friday through 4AM Monday. During this period, the existing bridge superstructure was demolished, the new superstructure was rolled 95 LF into final position, abutments were backfilled, new median barrier was installed, and roadway approaches were paved. Worked progressed around the clock with a dedicated group of H&K workers and subcontractors.

True to form, H&K completed the project a full 6 hours ahead of schedule. The southbound lanes of I-476 were open at 8:45PM Sunday evening and by 9:45PM, the northbound lanes were open. Special thanks to KCI Technologies, Joseph B. Fay Company, Buckingham Heavy Transport, Interstate Safety Service, Guidemark,Inc., Mattiola Services, LLC., Established Traffic Control, Traffic Regulators, and EVB Towing for assisting H&K with this endeavor.

Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment, H&K, and special recognition to our Estimating, Project Management, Engineering, Field and Support Teams for making this operation such a success. "

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