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NJC.© -Lakewood Villages RENCO Construction Update

RENCO MCFR is a state-of-the-art structural building system of interlocking composite building units of various types and sizes of blocks, columns, beams, joists, headers, decking, connectors, etc. These products are all adhesively joined (chemically bonded) to form monolithic structures. The RENCO Structural Building System has been evaluated in ANSI certified laboratories to ASTM standards for structural performance, physical characteristics, and fire resistance. After thorough evaluation, IAPMO-UES approved and issued its Evaluation Report to permit the use of RENCO Structural Building System under the IBC (International Building Code).

The RENCO Structural Building System currently can include up to five (5) story structures. Through continued research and development, expanded approvals are in process, with full approval to build up to eight (8) stories expected by the end of 2023. As 95% of all Americans live in 8 stories or less, we believe this next level of approval will open an incredible amount of opportunity for use of this revolutionary product.

Without competition, we have completed scores of projects internationally and have now embarked on our first stateside project in Palm Beach County, Florida, to demonstrate our many advantages over wood, concrete and steel construction, all while being respectful of our surroundings. It’s our privilege to share this revolutionary building concept with you and trust you will see the possibilities we provide.

Experience the future of building and learn more today at E-mail your plans to for review.

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