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NJC.© -NEW Duo-Tach™ Line of Attachments for Mini-Skid & Full Size Skid Steers: Premier Attachments

Premier Attachments has developed and patented a series of attachments with mounting brackets that allow for the two most common skid steer attachment styles, mini-skid & universal skid steer, to be utilized on a single attachment. Our new Duo-Tach™ mounting bracket for full-sized Skid Steers, utilizing the universal skid steer mounting style, and Mini Skid Steers, using the common industry standard mini skid mounting style, share the same basic structure built into one Duo-Tach™ attachment. This allows the owner to utilize one attachment for both mini skid steers and full-size skid steers on any given job site at any given time.

There is no adapter, no conversion plate, and not a single tool is required to switch from one style of mount to the other. Just un-hook from your mini and hook right up to your full size and go to work. Don’t just attach it, Duo-Tach™ it!

Premier Attachments has incorporated the Duo-Tach™ mount into our line of Earth Auger Attachments, Trencher Attachments, Pallet Forks, and our new Utility Hitch attachment. All four lines of Duo-Tach™ attachments are built in our Fort Wayne, Indiana factory with the same quality and craftsmanship that goes into everything we do. We stand behind every one of our products with our best-in-class warranty and customer service.

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