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NJC.© -Volvo Collision Mitigation System: Assisting safety.

The Collision Mitigation System has been developed to support the safe operation of Volvo Wheel Loaders.
The new system assists operators while working in reverse by automatically applying the brakes when the machine approaches an obstacle.
This helps to reduce the risk or consequences of collisions and enhance jobsite safety, while also cutting down on unplanned interruptions.
Driven by a dedication to incorporate safety across both its products and its operations, Volvo Construction Equipment works to continually and proactively develop intelligent solutions to not only mitigate the consequences of accidents, but strive to avoid them altogether.
While no safety solution can ever replace safe operator behavior and can only ever serve as a facilitator to jobsite safety, we are proud to offer industry-leading solutions like this Collision Mitigation System in our bid to help customers eliminate accidents.

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