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We Finally Get To See GMC Hummer EV Show Crab Walk Mode In Action

The CrabWalk mode of the 2022 Hummer EV didn't receive much explanation during the new truck's launch, but GMC has now released a trio of videos showing it in action. The tech looks like it could be a big help when maneuvering the vehicle in tight confines.

When activated, CrabWalk turns the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels at low speeds. As the video below shows, if the driver gets into a situation that might usually necessitate a three-point turn to negotiate, this feature lets the truck drive through it diagonally.

While GMC's videos pitch CrabWalk as being good for off-roading, the applications on most trails seem limited. Instead, we could imagine it being more helpful in a city environment where the driver might take the Hummer EV into a tight parking lot or alley. Being able to slide around diagonally could allow for easier maneuvering than a traditional steering layout.

The video above offers an additional example of what CrabWalk can do. In this case, the truck is moving forward, but the rear axle isn't inline with the front. The application of this seems limited, but it could be useful when driving on soft earth because the rear tires would create a fresh path rather than following the ruts that the fronts create.

Unfortunately for interested buyers, GMC already has a full list of reservations Edition 1. Later, if someone doesn't convert it to an actual purchase, a few might be available again. In the autumn of 2022, $99,995 the EV3X arrives, and in Spring 2023, the $89,995 EV2X arrives. GMC confirms CrabWalk being available on both of them but doesn't yet indicate whether the feature is on the $79,995 EV2 base model coming in the spring of 2024.


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