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Top 10 All Electric Pickup Trucks On Roads in 2022

Tesla is not the only car company preparing to build an all-electric pickup truck, although its new Cybertruck certainly is getting its fair share of attention. When—and if—it hits the marketplace, the Cyber truck will likely have to face some competitors, other electric off road vehicles, as numerous other automakers have announced plans to build and sell electric trucks in the near future. Here, we've rounded up the growing field of EVs with cargo beds, both from well-established car companies and new startup players:

0:00 Upcoming Electric Trucks 2021-2022
0:23 All Electric Ford F-150 Lightning
1:41 Tesla Cybertruck
3:09 Fisker Alaska
4:14 Chevy Silverado Electric (Silverado EV)
5:28 Atlis XT
6:44 Lordstown Endurance
8:03 Bollinger B2
9:14 Rivian R1T
10:43 Hercules Alpha
11:59 GMC Hummer EV

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